Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's All About Being Loved

I've become addicted to blogging. I spend an inordinate amount of time clicking through the blogs to peer into the worlds of fellow bloggers. A little voyeuristic, I know. But then, people want their blogs to be read otherwise the blog wouldn't be published. Similar to a well-dressed woman -- a woman who clearly and purposfully chose clothing, jewelry, hair style and makeup to illuminate her features -- turning around and snapping, "What you looking at?!!" Obviously, if you don't want me to look, don't look so good.

Blogging really is a phenomenon. Some blogs are truly purposeful. I've run into a couple of those. I like the purposeful ones because they are not merely exhibitionist missives. Some of the personal blogs are really good -- so good that you wonder if the author is making it all up. I have just begun my analysis of what makes certain blogs so compelling and will hopefully integrate that here, as it develops.

I have a blog beside this one. That's my real blog. That's where I post writing and art and all that stuff that I do in the privacy of my own home. Only now I put it out there to share. I have told my peeps that I have the blog. I guess by nature of being posted in a public forum, people other than my peeps might check it out. I frequently check how many times my profile has been viewed to get a sense of how many people are reading my blog. No one I don't know has left any comments yet though. That's what I look forward to -- some type of recognition. It's all about being loved.

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