Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Pressure and Resolution

I certainly feel pressure to keep my blog up to date. It seems like some of the most interesting blogs are regularly updated by bloggers who do not necessarily have anything particularly interesting to say but have an interesting way of saying it. By no means am I assuming that I have an interesting way of saying anything -- I'm just here for the journey. But I am trying to figure out what makes a blog compelling.

As a result I have been doing some research. I spend minutes at a time, surreptitiously when at work, clicking the "next blog" button in search of inspiring blogs. I always click on the "view my profile" link because I think bloggers want to know that someone is reading their blog and many blogs do not have counters other than the profilew view counter.

I do not always comment though. That might be a little too personal -- although I'm thinking perhaps that's really what is called for when reading blogs. If I think someone's blog is good, I should let that person know. Otherwise the whole experience remains anonymous and voyeuristic. Is this a resolution? Perhaps.

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