Monday, December 04, 2006

Blogger Frustrations

I have been having a lot of problems commenting lately. Often comments that I painstakingly compose somehow do not show up - - either on the blogs I visit or in response to comments left on my blog. That's really frustrating. Several times I have thoughtfully written a comment, a quip, a response only to find that it disappeared into the vastness of the blogosphere. That just sucks!


Major_Grooves said...

I have the same problem. Let's see if this one shows up!

Mrs. Joseph said...

major_grooves -- thanks for visiting; your comment did show up.

Dan said...

I usually find that this happens when I think that I hit Publish and I've really only hit Preview.

If you're typing an elaborate comment, copy it into your buffer (by swiping the mouse across the entire thing and hitting control-c). Then, after you publish, make sure it's there. If it's not, open the Comment box again and then paste the comment back in (control-V) and re-Publish.

Imran MD said...

Nasty, I know. It happened to me several times too.

It is even worse when you actually wrote a post and it disappeared all together when you hit the "publish" button. Sucks, I know.

One tip I did to not leave it to chance, is to highlight everything either in "edit" while you are posting or in the text box while you are commenting and right click to copy it.

So when there is a glitch when you hit the button, you can just paste it all back again.

This little extra thing you do will save a lot of time and frustrations especially when you are posting.

Hope this helps.