Saturday, January 13, 2007

Technical Difficulties Are Sapping My Blogging Joy

Blogger has been really unresponsive! Almost everytime I try to log on, Blogger gets stuck during the log in process. This post represents the first successful log on attempt since my last post! I had to get in the back way too -- I was unable to directly log on. The problems seem to have started once the new blogger came out of beta. I am really frustrated. Between that and my diminished motivation to keep blogging I have not posted much at all on any of my blogs. I am thinking of calling it quits anyway.


Dan said...

Blogger can be very annoying. I noticed people moving their blogs over to Wordpress.

Maybe Blogger is still working out the kinks with Beta?

Mrs. Joseph said...

Dan -- I don't know. I do know that again I tried many, many times this week to sign on with no success. Somehow, I managed today to get on.

Just D said...


We all have our moments of weakness, but although I have tried many times, blogging sucks me right back in.

But then again, I have no life.

Mrs. Joseph said...

just d -- I find that my initial intent to become a power blogger has sizzled as the demands of my life took precedence.