Sunday, September 24, 2006


As I continue my random sojourn through the "next blog" button, I am increasingly aware of how few blogs really stand out. The majority are sincere. Many are well written. Some have spectacular photography. I ran into one blog today that had a short video clip of a whale watching trip. While the video was nothing great, I sensed the immediacy and awesomeness of the moment as a large pod of Orcas jumped out of the water. I really enjoyed seeing that. Some are just are so far removed from my culture that I do not relate at all to what the blogger is saying (i.e., the teenage blogs with all kids of chats and tags and abbreviations that read like a foreign language -- that's the generation gap, I guess). I come up many blogs soliciting comments.

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Gene said...

Hello Mrs. Joseph. I have visited, and I have randomly commented. At least one more person has listened to you ;)