Monday, September 25, 2006

Waiting for Love

While I have received responsive comments, I have not received random comments. I guess to be loved, one must first be known.


spitsid said...

hi there. thanks for visiting my blog


Brianne said...

hey--thanks for visiting! i love it when new people leave comments, acknowledging that they've seen my page.

i can't believe i've been blogging since december 2004...and it does burn me out from time to time. sometimes, i think that it's because i know my parents read my blog (stupid of me to tell them, i know) but at the same time, i'm open with them, so it's no big thing. other times, i think that no one's reading, so i'm just wasting my time.

i tried not blogging for a few days after that post, but i couldn't do it. my blog is my outlet, my way to talk to anyone, and i've met in person some great people who blog as well.

i agree with how people get sick of blogging and just let their pages fizzle (good word btw--i'm stealing it for later), but if i ever give up my blog, i'll be giving it a proper farewell

i have a website separate from my blog that actually contains my rough drafts of creative writing and when i get to finalizing them, the final drafts go up as well. i can email you the link if you want it...just shoot me a line at

btw--can I add you to my links??

JT said...

nice to know someone cares to leave a comment...thx

Stephanie said...

blogging is great. I have only confided in one person about my blog so I know he reads it once in a while..but, I tell him everything I love looking at other ppls blogs..randomly reading blogs..The blogs have taken me on a very intense journey btw..its been such an eye opener for me.

Marla said...

I find blogging to be a sort of compulsion, and a lot of times, I end up making the entry "private" because I don't want the people who know me to know too much.

~ Anon. said...

Yet one can be known without being loved. And one is loved without being known by anone else in the world. :)