Saturday, February 24, 2007


I did a bit of slogging through the next blog button this evening after a long break. I find myself with little patience for many of the blogs I run across. I have become heartless, I guess.

I ran into one blog that was all about hip Asian singles looking for love and sex in Los Angeles. I could not relate. It made me really glad I am not single. I also visited a blog written by an 85 year old man. I thought that was pretty cool -- the oldest blogger I have come across yet. Most of the people I know who are over 75 are not terribly computer literate. I was impressed. Then there was a blog about acne. This blogger had about 10 blogs listed on his profile. In addition to the acne blog, he publishes a blog about business and another blog about Jesus. There were the usual foreign language blogs. I also came across a blog clearly put together by some teenage girl with the customized page with trendy anime graphics and music playing. These types of blogs are indecipherable to me with the short-cut-slang-lang, chat boxes and cute paraphernalia that characterizes the bling, bling teeny bopper blog.

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