Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Will You Be My Valentine?

I am back only because Just D told me I was missed. Now that was a valentine that made me feel loved!

I have been involved in low-tech pursuits such as writing in a notebook and singing songs on guitar. I was working a trial. Then my child caught the flu. Then I caught the flu from my child. And by the time all of that was over, I seem to have lost the ambition to become a blog star.

In the continued negotiation of my mid-life crisis, I am thinking about the things I want to achieve in my life before it is over. Visiting all the blogs on Blogger is not on the list. Creating is first on the list. My experience of creativity is deeply related to my sense of spirituality. Unfortunately, between the demands of my life and a complacent contentment, my spirituality has dissipated. I am trying to rebuild my spiritual connections so I can reinvigorate my creative voice. I find that rebuilding requires me to spend time observing and thinking and freely writing, not blithely surfing blogs or posting with a premise. Sitting in front of a computer trying to be clever does not promote that connection. That is another reason why I have not posted recently.

Until I decide exactly what I am going to do with my blogs, they each remain vulnerable to extinction.


Just D said...

To be honest, I have been thinking a lot lately about killing mine as well.

Keep in touch though. :(

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