Wednesday, November 08, 2006

National Blog Posting Month

Where have I been? I almost missed "National Blog Posting Month." I heard from visiting some of my favorite blogs where there was mention of NaBloPoMo that November is dedicated to daily blog posting. I guess I'm not yet a first class blogger because I have not been posting on a daily basis -- of course I was sick last week (no excuse) and starting a trial this week (another lame excuse). I can try to catch up. Perhaps I can double up daily posts to miss the few days that I did not post. Or, I can do some fraudulent posting maybe and back date some posts. . .hmm. But I'm just not one for fraud. I try to post only when I feel that I have some inspiration, thoughtfulness or at least a modicum of subject matter. I would rather be a delinquent blogger than compromise my integrity.

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