Monday, November 13, 2006

The Persona

I visited one of my favorite blogs this evening, "Fancy Schmancy Anxiety Maven." Maven's latest post is about the blogging persona. What synchronicity! For just this morning, after re-reading many of my posts, I started contemplating on my blogging persona, which in turn led to some thoughts about the blogging personas of others. I left a comment for Maven to that end, indicating that I think the persona is part of the creative aspect of blogging; it allows us an opportunity to explore a particular voice that, while it certainly does not encompass the gestalt of personality, clearly represents the chosen "face" of blogging. Either by exaggeration, omission or utter fiction, the persona becomes another creative voice. In a way, starting a blog is like starting a new school -- you can re-invent yourself. To be continued. . .

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