Friday, November 24, 2006

Today's Sojourn

I have listed 265 visited blogs since October 10, 2006. How long do you think it will take me to view the millions of blogs posted in the blogosphere? A few of today's blogs made me chuckle:

Turning the Pages of Life

Meanwhile, I am debating whether if I should try to aggressively "market" my blog or just let readership develop organically.


C-dell said...

I aggressively market my blog, because I want people to hear me and I want to hear people. So marketing my blog has a two/ three prong effect one 1) I get to view many different blogs 2) I get to hear responses to my post 3) People see my blog. I love comments. so maybe you should think about that when you decide whether or not to market.

Just D said...

I don't market mine. I am pretty shy as it is and the few people that do read mine makes me just a tad nervous already.

By the way, I have linked you (I hope you don't mind). I have intended to do it for a while but finally got around to updating my link section.

Mrs. Joseph said...

Dear cdell -- I'm still thinking on it. Part of my inner debate is related to the concept of randomness upon which this blog is based. . . of course, it is more about my random sojourn versus other people finding me randomly. . .

Dear just d -- thanks for the link. As you know, I link to you and re-visit your blog regularly. I certainly hope I don't make you nervous -- I'm just a middle aged woman with good intentions.

Just D said...

No, it is happening slowly and I pretty much consider everyone who visits me now as my friends. If I had a sudden explosion of visitors though I am liable to have a stroke.