Friday, October 20, 2006

Internet Addiction

I would imagine many bloggers have heard about the Stanford study on Internet usage that suggests that pathological Internet use is on the rise. I do not have an addictive personality. I do not even have an obsessive-compulsive personality. But I am afraid that I might show signs of an Internet addict. While the DSM has not been revised to include criteria for diagnosis of "Internet Addiction," one can easily surmise if there is a problem. The tell-tale signs of addiction can be seen in many Internet users, myself included. I find myself negotiating a

strong drive to compulsively use the Internet to check e-mail, make blog
entries or visit Web sites . . . not unlike what sufferers of substance abuse or impulse-control disorders experience: a repetitive, intrusive and irresistible urge to perform an act that may be pleasurable in the moment but that can lead to significant problems on the personal and professional levels.

For now I will take solace in the methodological weaknesses of the Stanford study and hold onto whatever hope is left that I have not fallen into the abyss of addiction.


Tweets said...

You've visited my blog and now I'm just dropping by.

I do agree with the internet addiction. Most of us here can't live without the internet even for a day or so.

Mrs. Joseph said...

Tweets -- thanks for stopping by.

Jill said...

I am completely addicted to the internet, I admit it. I push refresh on hotmail all day!!

Mrs. Joseph said...

Jill -- I do hope you find satisfaction when you are refreshed!


I am totally addicted! Ever since I started blogging I can't get enough. But I won't be worried until I start to forgo eating so as to be able to blog more. :)

Mrs. Joseph said...

Parlancheq -- I just stopped by your blog and experienced first hand the fruits of your addiction. Thanks for visiting.