Monday, October 09, 2006

More Questions About Blogging Etiquette

I did a search on blogspot for "about blogging." There were over 2.7 million hits. One of the most helplful was "Leesa's Stories" post about blogging etiquette. She writes that all comments should be personally responded to. Does that apply to comments from people who are responding to comments I left for them on their blogs during my random sojourn? Is this supposed to become a commenting dialogue?


likesforests said...

I agree it's good etiquette to reply to comments.

It doesn't have to be a big dialogue. It can be as simple as acknowleding that you read their message.

"Thanks Sue & Joe for the advice!" I think if you read Leesa's replies you get a good idea of what to say.

Miklos Fejer said...

I agree that it's good etiquette to reply to comments, though I'm the first to admit how bad I am about doing it myself.

So here's my crack at some manners.

Thanks for the comments on my blog!

Please come back and visit again sometime.

mrs. joseph said...

to likesforests and miklos fejer thanks for the input.

Kevin the Collie said...

You could check Kevin's blog - he exchanges with other dogs over the names of their favourite snacks, and you are welcome to join in. Makes a change from the usual 'thank you' that I get on my blogs. See what you think.

i plead the fifth said...

hi there! thank you for checking out my blog. the 'next blog' feature is my newest addiction. i appreciate your words.