Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Please Forgive Me and Thank You

I have received a number of comments. Generally, the majority of comments are from bloggers who are are responding to my comments after I have have visited their blog. What good manners!

If I have been remiss in personally responding, please forgive me.

I am still learning the ins and outs of blogging etiquette. I certainly want all visitors to know you are welcome and appreciated.


reality check said...

If you would like any help in any manner regarding blogs, just ask. I'm only a few months into it myself, but I can help in some ways, I'd be happy to share the info, no problem. Drop me a line.

Mrs. Joseph said...

reality check -- thanks for the offer. Unfortunately, when I click back, I do not get to you. Maybe I will find you again someday.

Kevin the Collie said...

Hi, John here from I second that - if you want to talk about anything regarding blogging, just contact me. We have been blogging for about a year and we learn something new every day.

Mrs. Joseph said...

Kevin -- thanks for stopping by. It's great to know there are resources available.