Friday, October 06, 2006

A Sick Compulsion

The past day or two I have had a physical compulsion to blog. The moment I come home from work, I turn on the computer and start checking. My husband opens the door to my office, grumbles, "Oh you're on the computer," and slams it shut again. My children repeat themselves trying to get my attention away from the screen. I think about blogging before I go to sleep -- What am I going to post? How many blogs can I visit today? Can I find again that cool blog I found the other day? Has anyone left a nice comment for me? I find myself not doing things I really should be doing in order blog. I can see this is starting to become a problem. Will I have to give up blogging if I can't strike a balance between the real world and the blogosphere? Is there treatment? Do other bloggers experience this same phenomenon?


Anonymous said...

I am suffering the same compulsion, Mrs. J. It seems that any spare minute I have, I am checking to see if anyone has left a comment for me on my blog. Today, I posted a bulletin to my myspace "friends" to alert them to the fact that I have a blog and that they should be reading it and leaving some sort of bread crumb, if you will, even if it's just a letter of the alphabet, so that I know that they were there. Posting the bulletin brought me 3 new "subscribers", but no "comments". I get very annoyed that over 300 people have at least opened my blog, but that the same 4 people leave comments! I find it so mystifying. The entire blogging "culture". And, on MySpace, when I answer a comment, it shows up on my blog, but I don't know if the intended also receives a copy, or if they have to come back to my blog to see that I've answered! I think I've said enough for now. Have a productive blog-search in the blogosphere tonight! And, btw, did you coin that term, "blogosphere"? I really like it! Marla

Mrs. Joseph said...

Marla -- I don't know anything about how myspace works and generally prefer Blogger for blogging. While it does not have the same variety of features of myspace, it is less overwhelming to me. I hope you get more comments -- it just takes time, I think. Does myspace have a "next blog" button that lets you randomly visit and comment on other people's blog?